Do you have unframed paintings, posters, tapestries, canvases or photographs that aren't seeing the light of day? Come and see us! We've been providing a bespoke framing service for over 30 years and are unashamedly proud of the work we produce. 


Bring your artwork to our gallery and the team will help you select the right frame, mount and glass to show off your piece and help preserve it for generations to come. We stock over 150 different styles of frames, different colours and textures of mounts. We also offer a range of glass, including Conservation Glass which has a UV filter to protect against fading, and the new Clarity Glass, which combines a UV filter with non-reflective technology and is virtually invisible.


We can also update or "refresh" any outdated frames or mounts on your pictures. 


Memorabilia Framing

Below are examples of work we have framed - medals, sports shirts, cricket bats... Just give us the problem to sort!


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