In the Window at TG Art Gallery

Wokingham's Premier Gallery

Hugo by Louise Luton. Framed. £255
Pride by Louise Luton. Framed. £226
Paradise Toucan by Aimee Wilson. Framed. £34
Dusk Light by Ulyana Hammond. Framed. £40
How Time Flies by Gary Walton. Limited Edition Framed Giclée. £445
Tree of Hearts by Sara Otter. Framed. £235

New Arrivals at TG Art Gallery

Nico by Louise Luton. Framed. £255
Summer Love by Sara Otter. Framed. £152
Sheltered Bay by Elizabeth Baldin. Framed Open Print. £125
Halfway Home by Elizabeth Baldin. Framed Open Print. £73
Catching the Moment by Elizabeth Baldin. Framed Open Print. £73
Coastline by PI Creative Art. Framed. £79
I Spy by Nicky Litchfield. Limited Edition. Framed. £165
The City Girl by Adam Barsby. Framed. £132
Statuesque by World Art Prints. Framed. £88
Sienna Mood by Anthony Waller. Framed. £285
Blue View by Anthony Waller. Framed. £285
A Man Lying On A Wall by L S Lowry. Framed. £52
Days End by Ulyana Hammond. Framed. £138.00
Roam by Anthony Waller. Framed, £60
Bollinger by Pop And Toast. Framed. £245
Pow by #Onelife183. Artist's Proof. Framed. £595
Fleet Street by Alena Carvahlo. Framed Limited Edition Giclée. £570
Deep as my Heart by Sara Otter. Framed. £235

On the Wall at TG Art Gallery

Wokingham Town Hall by Debbie Forrest. Limited Edition. Mounted £65. Framed £85
Perfume No 1 by John Jackson. Framed, £210
Wave Break by Anthony Waller. Framed. £175
Sunset Romance II. Limited Edition Framed Giclée by Gary Walton. £265
The Beacon by Gary Walton. Limited Edition Framed Giclée. £225
Leaning Tower by Adelene Fletcher. Framed. £150
Days out with Friends by Sam Toft. Framed Limited Edition Giclée. £149
Legend by #Onelife183. Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas. Framed. £395
Rome Sunrise by Iain Faulkner. Signed Limited Edition Giclée of 150. Framed. £675
There are Witches Everywhere by Quentin Blake & Roald Dahl. Framed Limited Edition Giclée. £165
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