Christmas Ducklings £24.99 Each, Christmas Duckys £19.99 Each

Winter Woolly Penguins £24.99 Each

Christmas Dinky Ducks £9.99 Each

Christmas Dinky Penguins £9.99 Each

Character Duck Hanging Decorations £5.99 Each

Penguin Hanging Decorations £5.99 Each

Coloured Duck Hanging Decorations £4.99 Each

DCUK are a small family business based in Totnes Devon, specialising in hand made and hand painted bamboo ducks, and other wooden animals.


Crafted from bamboo, each one is carved and finished or painted by hand, ensuring that every duck is an individual - just like the characterful creatures that inspire them.


DCUK designs range from striking personalities to family sets and vary in size from the adorable baby ducky to proud standing ducks.

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