The ethos behind TG Art Gallery is simple: we want to help you walk out of our gallery with a smile on your face and a resolve to come back to us again and again. Also to let your friends, colleagues and family know what a lovely bunch we are to deal with!


On the left you will see a list of styles and artists work that we sell, including Sam Toft, John Donaldson, Iain Faulkner and Quentin Blake.  Take a look at the selections, but remember we just can't list everything that is available and we would much rather you come in and talk to us; you can always raid our sweetie basket whilst you chat!


Affordable Art

If you are looking for beautiful pictures that won't break your budget, try looking through our latest collection of 'Open Prints'. Throughout the year, we source a large range of Open Prints (meaning not limited-edition) from fabulous publishers. Their ranges are stunning, varied, classic, and affordable. See our full selection here: Open Prints.


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