Our team

Jan Rixon


Tel: +44 118 9792707

E-mail: jan@tgartgallery.co.uk


Jan Rixon bought T G ART GALLERY in September 2007 with her husband Sheridan Bowers.


This is Jan's third re-start of career having spent years in the Hotel industry as a Purchasing Manager in some of the top hotels in London's West End. Then she moved on to selling and marketing for Swan STABILO, makers of the famous highlighter! Also in the range were artist pencils. After STABILO she moved to Faber-Castell, the company that invented the pencil!


Always a lover of fine art - even though she can't draw a stick man in proportion - Jan was only going to work in the gallery part-time, having decided to 'slow down' (ha ha!). Eight years on, she's the owner.

Emma Newbury

Sales Assistant


Emma is the newest member of our team, and has fit in immediately. This is a complete career change for Emma, who has spent most of her working life in Sales and IT, despite studying at Art College. Now she has returned to her artistic roots. Emma's favourite part of working at the gallery is meeting new people, and being more confident helping her children with their Art homework.

Ian Pullinger



Ian is an ex-engineer from Mars - the chocolate people, not the planet!  He joined us when we bought the gallery and works in his neat and organised workshop in Winnersh, away from us chatty women.


His skill in framing gets better and better. He loves a challenge to frame the unusual and we've had some different things for him to do over the years. He has a calm disposition and is able to think through anything that needs that little extra touch. Ian, as we say, is a very clever man!

Joe Borg



Joe also worked at Mars, with Ian. So, as Joe was born in Malta, we call him the Malteser who made Malteasers. When Joe started, he was only going to work for us for three weeks. That was over three years ago... Today, Joe is a vital, lively and talented part of the team.

Fabio Gallini



Fabio is from Italy, and was an engineer before he retired. He has lived all over the world but now creates magic in our Winnersh workshop.